Sally Shea Is Changing The Way The World Sees Toilet Paper With BleuBox®

Actor, Model, Artist, Interior Designer, Inventor Sally Shea is known for clever, expressive, innovative designs. With her signature white locks and piercing blue eyes, Sally Shea has always embodied sophistication and style.

As an artist, Sally learned to appreciate the balance between concept and expression. A born designer, Sally doesn’t always walk out of the market with food but she always walks out with flowers.

Throughout her career one key issue kept arising in Sally’s designs. Where do you put the toilet paper? “I never understood why people left this decision out of a bathroom design plan”, said Shea “You painstakingly choose finishes for flooring, counters, lighting, mirrors, fixtures, and art but you give no thought to your toilet paper holder.

With no solution to her liking currently on the market, Sally invented her own. BleuBox® was born: The recessed cabinet designed to hold and conceal toilet paper.